About Us

We really want to thank all our scholars and guest speakers who, despite their busy schedule, always manage to dial in and educate our dynamic audience on this program. Our special thanks go to our scholars: Shaykh Abdul Latif Sano, Shaykh Adil Mako, Shaykh Khidr Nassam Bamba, Shaykh Mutawakil Zakariya, Shaykh Imam Amine Affo Atti, Shaykh Hajj Nafiou, Shaykha Hallissatu. ZIKR Radio can’t operate without the tireless effort and sacrifice of our Information Technology team lead by Br. Manshur, and his assistant Br. Sabtiu. Last, not least, we want to thank the President of ZIKR RADIO, Hajj Umar Alfa Biao, who always rolls his sleeves to make sure the medium still up on running.

May Allah (SWT) bless all volunteers, listeners, donors of this spiritual and educational channel.  May He (SWT) shower us all and our offspring of His mercy, increase our knowledge of the deen, and give us the best of this world and the hereafter, Ameen. With this, Wal Hamdulilah Rabil Halamin.